Monday, 17 June 2013

Baltic Earth is launched!

Baltic Earth is the name of the programme which is to succeed BALTEX. The continuity in basic research fields, structure (secretariat, conferences, publications) and the network (people and institutions) is symbolised by the clearly recognizable logo, being very similar to the BALTEX logo, but still distictly different.

Baltic Earth stands for the vision to achieve an improved Earth system understanding of the Baltic Sea region. This means that the research disciplines of BALTEX continue to be relevant, but a more holistic view of the Earth system encompassing processes in the atmosphere, on land and in the sea as well as in the antroposphere shall gain in importance in Baltic Earth relative to BALTEX. Specific grand research challenges are currently being formulated which represent interdisciplinary research questions to be tackled by the new programme in the coming years. A major means will be scientific assessments of particluar research topics by expert groups, similar to the BACC approach, which shall help to identify gaps and inconsistencies in the current knowledge.

A detailed presentation of Baltic Earth will be available shortly on the BALTEX and of course on the new Baltic Earth website (in preparation)!

Find news and infos on the 7th Study Conference on BALTEX at

Markus Meier (SMHI), Marcus Reckermann (International BALTEX Secretariat) and Anna Rutgersson (Uppsala University) uncover the new logo in the presence of The King of Sweden.