Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Baltic Sea Fund honours BACC initiator Hans von Storch

On 11 February 2014 it was communicated that The Baltic Sea Fund delegation decided to award Hans von Storch for his work on highlighting the impacts of climate change on the Baltic Sea.

Here is the justification of the delegation:

Professor Hans von Storch from Hamburg, Germany is awarded the Baltic Sea Fund Prize for his efforts to shed light on the effects of climate change on the Baltic Sea. He has given an exemplary contribution to compilation of fragmentary information and knowledge into a comprehensive picture of the impact of climate change in the region. Von Storch is through his interdisciplinary collaboration, e.g. with social scientists, and through his interest in the social and human aspects, been able to increase the understanding of climate and climate change in the wider socio-economic context among policy makers and the general public.

I would think that this prize indirectly also honours all those who have participated in the BACC efforts. The second BACC book is currently in preparation and is expected to be published sometime this summer.

Congratulations Hans!