Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Survey on Baltic Issues (BALTEX, BACC)

On the occasion of a small Polish-German workshop I asked the participants a number of questions, which were answered anonymously by 13 participants. Some responses are given below. Of course, there is nothing representative with these reponses, but maybe an interesting snapshot.

1.) What about the following organizations as a platforms of exchange and coordination?
(only one answer per organization)

unknown 8% 18% 31%
academically relevant 92% 27% 69%
source of funding 0% 55% 0%

2.) The IPCC report was published in 2007, and the BACC report in 2008. Both are presently updated. (only one answer per project)

Have you heard of it ? (yes) 8% 31%
If so, is it valuable for our scientific work? 69% 38%
If so, is it valuable for our outreach work? 23% 31%

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