Saturday, 21 December 2013

Baltic Earth, working Group on Outreach and Communication

I am suggesting two activities for our working group. Obviously, this working group may pursue a broad range of activities, and my suggestion should not limit anybodies enthusiams to launch other activities.

a) An interview series with significant contributors to the BALTEX/Baltic Earth programme.  The format could be similar to my series in the Newsletter of the AGU Atmospheric Science Section, see collection of interviews. The interviews should be published in the Newsletter of Baltic Earth. Abuot half of teh questions could be the same in all interviews, for instance related to BALTEX, the progress in science, the new perspectives etc., the other half could relate specifics of the interviewee, e.g., what happened in her/his country, his/her discipline etc. The interviews would be done in writing, via e-mail.
I would need a partner for doing such interviews

b) A partial implementation of the strategy as sketched in the short article
von Storch, H. and I. Meinke, 2008: Regional climate offices and regional assessment reports needed. Nature geosciences 1 (2), 78, doi:10.1038/ngeo111.
Such an effort can be based on the BACC-Reports, which provide an assessment of the scientifically legitimate knowledge about climate, climate change and climate impact in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Norddeutsches Klimabüro, lead by Insa Meinke at HZG in Germany, runs two activities, which I suggest to implement also in other countries of the Baltic Sea region - all in the national languages.
o      The first is a web-service Norddeutscher Klimaatlas which displays scenarios of possible future climate developments in subregions; in the German case, one region is the German Baltic Sea coast region; another one is the Polish/German Odra-estuaray region (in Polish). Since the scenario runs employed in this software system cover all of Northern Europe, this system could be transferred to other subregions of the Baltic Sea - but some work would be needed for transferring the system to other regions.
o      The second is a little brochure in German, which sums up the key results of BACC for the considered region, and adds specifics from the web-based Klimaatlas. The idea would be to have similar brochures also in the other countries, all in the national languages, and in the context of regional issues.

I suggest to form in -if possible- all countries of Baltic earth a small working group, who would implement the web-Based Klimaatlas, and prepare the brochure in the respective language and with appropriate regional conceptualizations.


A third issue is to built a survey, along the lines which I used on three cases when meeting stakeholders form teh Baltic Sea Region: see below. I would need help to come up with better and more relevant questions, which could be used by others presenters of Baltic Earth, so that would get a broader sample. Volunteers, suggestions, comments?

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