Friday, 22 February 2013

BALTEX is ending - An new programme is starting

At the 7th Study Conference on BALTEX, to be held on the beautiful Swedish island of Öland, 10-14 June (the week before mid-summer!), BALTEX (the mother of BACC) will be officially terminated after 20 years and two successful research phases. At that conference, the new programme will be presented and also given a name and a new logo. For a first glimpse and taste of the new programme, read the new BALTEX Newsletter. It may be interesting for BACCers to see that the assessment idea sensu BACC is intended to be taken up in the new programme.

A call for papers for the Öland Conference is still open until 28 February.

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Hans von Storch said...

When BALTEX has run for 20 years, with different foci, ut always with many participants from many Baltic Sea countries - a question arises: who left a footprint, which footprint? On Öland in June we will have an opportunity to look back, and celebrate not only the new perspectives but also veterans and past achievements.

I personally feel that not only the region has changed massively - politically and economically - but also in the scientific cooperation.